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Divorce papers
  • Spousal Support – California law provides for the Court to utilize the factors set forth in Family Code Section 4320 when considering spousal support.
  • Premarital Agreements – A Premarital Agreement or Prenuptial Agreement is an agreement by which two parties who intend to enter into a valid marriage make specific agreements regarding the characterization of their income and property.
  • Division of Property – California is a community property state whereby the division of property is to be fairly and equally divided.
  • Restraining Orders – Restraining Orders may be sought under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act, and may include, but are not limited to, orders regarding child custody and visitation, property control of a residence or vehicle, move-out order, stay away order, personal conduct restraining order.
  • Attorney Fees and Costs – Pursuant to Family Code Section 2030, the Court may make an order for the party earning a higher income to pay a portion of the other party’s attorney fees and/or costs. 
All information provided herein is general in nature. You should consult a licensed Family Law Attorney with regard to your specific case and facts. To contact our office please call (559) 486-1761.
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